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The Collections


Dinnerware Collection



Decorative Collection


One of a kind personalized banks are available.


Beautiful Lamps to brighten any day!


When a quiet moment arises, Karen is able to play and

create something new and one of a kind like these Monkey Plates, above

and the Bahamian Safari collection, below.

creation10     creation9

Our 'Kitty' watches over every detail of the ceramic process.

She definitely approves us creating and selling Potcake and Potcat Mugs to help with

funding the  Spay/Neuter and Release Program with Friends of Abaco Animals. 

Patterns Choices



The Confetti Pattern - This pattern comes in a choice of red, turquoise, royal blue, yellow orange, neon green, blue green,  or any other custom colour of your choice of swirls mingled with black squares of confetti falling over the piece.

The Palm Paradise Pattern - This pattern is available in in three colour choices:

"Morning Palm Paradise" which is a palm tree with light green palm fronds.
"Evening Palm Paradise" which is featured in the photo, having dark green palm fronds.
"Midnight Palm Paradise" is a deep midnight blue palm tree.

The Royal Fish Pattern - This is our most popular pattern, featuring a royal blue fish with accents of blue green, yellow and wisteria.

Other patterns, not shown but available are:

The Pineapple Pattern-   A burst of sunshine sweetness.  Our Pineapple is painted in a bright orange and detailed with orange and yellow dots with a bright 'head' of greens bursting from its fruit as well as being nestled in a several matching green fronds.